We are All about Empowerment


It all started when…

I was 5 years old singing for my neighbors, going house to house and receiving attention, applause and whole lot of “good job kid!” Talk about getting this kid happy! I found my calling and singing was all I wanted to do.

In my early adult life, I found the path to writing original music and collaboration with musicians and soon found myself in the Music Industry getting signed to Warner Brother Records and hanging out with Super stars like Lenny Kravitz and Prince to name a few. Those years were the biggest teachers of my life. They taught me about hard work, great music and what it takes to get noticed. They also taught me that being healthy and positive are the number one ways to truly succeed in life.

Let’s talk about the Present…

Today, I bring professionalism, fun and spirituality to my studio and clients. I believe everyone has a voice and must use it to empower themselves in every area of their lives. I coach all ages and backgrounds and can help you with all of your vocal goals. From the beginner, Shower Singer to the Auditions and Social Media Posts, I can be of service in all these areas. Call or email me today and let’s create something wonderful!



  • Breath Work

  • Ear Training

  • Performance

  • Recording

Areas of mastery

  • Offering a studio experience in Private of Group Lessons

  • 20 years of singing Professionally in live performances and recording

  • Skilled in Classical, Opera, Blues, Pop and Musical Theatre

  • Certified Werbeck Singer